Growler Grabber – Secure Transport – Easy Access!

Words by Tony Berger, Photos Tony and Greg Smith

Were you a fan of “That Seventies Show” like I was? Do you remember the episode where Hyde made the pot brownies to sell at the bake sale and Eric’s parents accidentally ate them and Red ended up selling the Vista Cruiser? “It’s a Vista Cruiser, you can literally cruise the Vistas” might be the best line ever!

Well, along comes the Growler Grabber and all I can say is it literally Grabs Growlers! I’ll start with your run of the mill growler available at most any fine brewing establishment. It fits perfectly, so much so that should you crash your bike due to an icy day of riding and poor tire choice you stand a good chance of not spilling your precious cargo. I know, I crashed so hard I thought I broke my new phone and yet the beer flowed. BEHOLD!

As you can see, no beer was harmed due to this fall!

So, What makes the Growler Grabber work? A Stainless Steel cage, good padding on the cage and a clever clamp system that can accommodate growlers of different sizes and shapes.

Stainless Steel Growlers, yes you can!

Speed ahead with me a few weeks and maybe a couple/few more growler fill up tests and note that the Growler has been moved to FatBerger 8.0 AKA Schlick Northpaw #1 to get ready for the FunDuro and you’ll see I’ve tested the Growler Grabber with my stainless steel growler filled with delicious Friendly Debate from one of our fabulous Riverwest Breweries, Gathering Place Brewing. As expected, the Growler Grabber grabbed the growler with ease and we were able to enjoy delicious beer on a sunny day next to Lake Michigan with lots of friends. What could be better than that?

Tony getting in some beach testing of the Growler Grabber.

I forsee the Growler Grabber grabbing more than a few growlers of beer as the summer riding season is upon us and I look forward to sharing a fine fresh beer with many a friend. THANKS for making a great product!

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  1. I purchased a Growler Cage some years back. I watched the Norco north shore BigFoot video and was hooked. Not quite like the Growler Grabber but works great nonetheless.

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