The Danger Gnome Podcast – Jamison Stachel from Alpine Valley Resort

On this episode of the DGP we ‘Ask Adam’ a question from Eric Owsley. Eric hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. After that, we focus in on the subject of Ski Area Bike Access with the General Manager of Alpine Valley Resort, Jamison Stachel. We close the show with band and cult leader, Chris Daisy along with a little help from Kitty and Bethany!


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  1. You answered my question – literally. I’m the submitter of the first question about the 110mm hub with a 60mm rim to support 27.5×4″ tires. I’m sufficiently encouraged to give it a go. I’ll be building the wheel up soon and will report back on my success. Thank you for taking an esoteric question seriously.

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