Tifosi Swank Review – by Braven

Last winter I bought a pair of (my favorite color – ORANGE!) Tifosisunglasses from Chris at Zion Cyclery after a big group beach ride. They were only $25 and really nice. So when Gomez asked me if I wanted to review a pair of Tifosi’s Swank SL sunglasses, I was like…Sure!

I’ve been wearing a pair of Swank SL with Satin Black and Clear frames with Smoke Yellow lenses for a few months. They’ve been my go-to shades for winter fat-bike rides and probably a hundred dog walks with “Cowboy“. The glasses are noticeably lightweight and the nose piece fits comfortably without pinching or squeezing your nose. I really like the quality of the lenses and the protection that they give my eyes. On the brightest days riding in the snow, I didn’t have to squint to see clearly. The frameless outer edges of the lenses provide good visibility for when you need to glance over your shoulder to look for traffic (or gnomes). These are not cheap sunglasses (like in the ZZ Top song). The frames are really well made. I’ve worn some really expensive sunglasses over the years and both of my pairs of Tifosi’s seem to be in that same ballpark but at a fraction of the price.

Me & Kitty – Under Police Surveillance

The Swank SL is a bigger frame and may have seemed a little large for my smaller face but I liked the protection they gave me from the sun, wind, bugs, rain, slush, snain, snow, hail, dust, ice pellets, dirt, sand, mud (basically anything mother nature could throw at me).

Bonus Tip Ladies – The reflective lenses double as a mirror.

The price tag on these stylish shades is a mere $25. Check them out at better bicycle retail establishments or check out the full collection at –

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