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The more that you ride the more you need a little tender loving care for certain areas of the body that experience higher friction during the natural biomechanical process of bicycling. Whether you call it grundle butter, crease grease, gootch balm or chamois cream this ointment can literally save your ass on a four day trip in Canyonlands, but that’s a story for another time. Today we’re here to share our thoughts about Doc’s Skincare Natural Chamois Cream with Tea Tree Oil. I’ve used the better part of two 8 oz jars of Doc’s Chamois Cream over the last year+ and I’m probably going to order more…here’s why…

The thing that stands out about Doc’s is that you can keep it in your truck and freeze-thaw this stuff all winter long and it doesn’t change the consistency of the cream. Doc’s cream outperforms every other brand that I’ve tried in that category. I like that fact that it’s designed to work with the modern synthetic chamois and contains botanicals like Aloe and Tea Tree Oil. It has and maintains the perfect consistency for easy application. The cream creates no tingle and is relatively light in scent.

I’ve tried a bunch of the big name brand grundle butters and they all work pretty well. So does a three dollar jar of Noxema (just don’t buy the foaming kind). Noxema gets all weird when it gets really warm and turns all watery after it’s been frozen. I did a little internet price checking and the Doc’s is about half the price of Assos Chamois Cream. I think I’m gonna plunk down $21 and treat myself to a jar of the good stuff (at half the price).

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