Full Spectrum Cycling #27 – Joe Mauntler Sturdy Bag Designs

Join Sven, JK, and Tony on this, the 27th episode of Full Spectrum Cycling! Besides the usual schmack talk and banter we welcome Joe Mauntler from Sturdy Bag Designs to the show for talk about bikes, rides, bags, beer and more!

Show beer this week was Radikatz from Karben4 in Madison, WI and was a New England Style IPA with 6% ABV. Karben4 says this about Radikatz:

Radikatz reliably reports rediculously rambunctious results, releasing relentlessly reverberative recommendations. Basically, Radikatz is Radikool.

Tony says he bought the beer because of the radical art work. We all agreed that it is one tasty beverage!

Here are a couple of the bags that Joe has made recently including the “Soda holder” that we discuss in the show.

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  1. Honestly, riding the young lady’s bike with that beverage will get you a DUI in most states.

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