Full Spectrum Cycling #29 – New Trails in Wausau – Bike Summit – Dave Schlabowske

29 times we’ve come to you! On this episode, Sven, JK and Tony are joined by Dave Shlabowske in the studio and are graced with a call from Zito. We also had a call in from North Carolina from Big Sexy, Mr Jason Becker.

  • Wausau Ringle Trails –
  • What piece of cycling gear do you dig for the upcoming crisper fall weather?
  • New Club Ride gear in the shop.
  • Exciting news about the Ursa Major
  • Gomez plugged us on Danger Gnome
  • Reminder to lube your seatpost

This show’s beer was Oskar Blues Can-O-Bliss Citrus American IPA! 7.2% ABV – 68 IB with a BA score of 87 (very good). Though citrus in the the title and ingredients, and there are hints of in in the nose, the flavor, overall, is, to me simply that of a super IPA. If anything, the citrus makes the finish a bit crisper. I like it!

Big Sexy, Mr. Jason Becker, is still out there riding his tricycle, Heather and is currently in North Carolina! Here him tell it like it is on this episode of Full Spectrum Cycling!

Who do you know wants to buy an Ice Cream Truck? Everyday Cycles in Milwaukee has 2 custom built ICTs in stock, a medium and a large, that are ready to ride!

If you buy at a sandwich at Scardina’s in Milwaukee, you can carry it in your water bottle cage like I did!

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What’s Coming up?

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