Danger Gnome – Hugh Jass – Race No. 1

Fat-Bike Race season has begun and the Danger Gnome Podcast took a field trip out to Lake Geneva to do our best imitation of a bike racer and to record this bit of podcasting. Along the way, we interview Kerry Gonzalez who laid out the course at the Lake Geneva race. We also talk with the Commissioner of the Hugh Jass Race Series – Mr. Hubert Jay Jonah Jass (H-Triple-J) his own bad self and we chat with Hugh Jass Regulars, Mr. Jeff Meade and Danger Gnome Correspondent, Shannon Chapwesk!

Here’s the results for Hugh Jass No. 1 – RESULTS

We even catch the Winner of the Women’s long race, Princess Leia Alexander Phipps Schneeberger-Rollins…there’s even a Butch sighting!

Sit back, crack a beer and take listen!

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One Response to Danger Gnome – Hugh Jass – Race No. 1

  1. Erv Spanks November 26, 2019 at 7:04 am #

    Deep into my second lap, already past the beercut, I stopped to get my chain back onto the chain ring for the um’teenth time, I happen to look up and see a vision of an angel on a white bike come riding up the trail with a big grin on her face, she stopped for a quick second, cleaned some mud, complained about her borrowed 27.5 wheels, bragged about her new 26″ wheels that weren’t ready for prime time yet, and then she was gone. Did that even happen? I know I was a bit oxygen depleted at that point, but I’m glad to know that I actually got chicked by the infamous Princess Leia and I wasn’t hallucinating!

    Thanks for stopping and saying hi Leia, but if your going to keep changing your name at every race this winter you should come up with some better pseudonyms!


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