Burning Gnomes on the Spectrum – Shelltrack Race Report (Part 2) plus Shannon Chapwesk from Hugh Jass Race #2

Relay winners

 Fat-Bike Radio’s Podcast Week!

It’s Part 2 of the Burning Gnomes on the Spectrum coverage of the Shelltrack – Snow Crown Race Series opener from Ryan’s on York in Manitowoc, WI.

(L-R) Gomez-Jason-Amanda

Spinner & Gomez interview Jason and Amanda Manders from Trail Genius along with Sarah and George Kapitz from the Snow Crown Race Series.

Spinner Ryerson

Sven shot these pictures of our team out on the racecourse. We were team #1 (DFL) aka – the bike black ribbon society

Dave (f*cking) Lunz
Gomez Alejandro Santana DeLago
Colorful fat-bikes
Race Day Reporting Frome Trek World Headquarters by Shannon Chapwesk!
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