First Look – Vee Tire Co 27.5×4.5 Snow Avalanche Tires and Fat Tire Stud Kit – by Dustin Marsh


I found a box in the mail a few days ago. Inside was a set of new tires from the Vee Tire Co. that Gomez thought just might fit on my 2019 Beargrease with 27.5 wheels. The frame is officially rated for max 4-inch tires on 80mm rims. I was a little concerned about the listed 4.5-inch width but gave it a try anyway. I have a history of stuffing tires into frames that aren’t supposed to work. 

These tires aren’t messing around. Weighing in at 1683g and 1654g, they have some heft. The set I received is labeled as tubeless ready, 120tpi, and sporting a silica compound. I’m thinking these would be a solid choice for expedition riding. The sidewalls are burly but still pliable. 

This is a similar chevron tread to a Dillinger, but with bigger knobs. From outside to center knobs, I took a quick measurement of the knob heights. The outside knobs come in at a hearty 7.2mm. Moving inwards, the next row measures 6.1mm and has a stud pocket on every knob. The not-quite-center knobs are 5.7mm and come equipped for studs on every other pocket. Taking center stage, a full row of 5.4mm knobs keep things rolling. Laid flat, the tires measured 254mm from bead to bead (10 inches) from edge to edge of the tread they measured 125.4mm (5.937 inches).

I mounted these up tubeless on my Mulefut 80mm rims. It took a few tries with my tubeless reservoir pump, but they popped on the bead quickly enough without a ton of fuss. Right off the bat, I measured the casing at 107mm (4.2 inches) and the tread at 106mm (4.17 inches). Both of those were at 8psi before they had time to stretch out like my pants during the holidays. Stringing out the circumference, I got 2463.8mm (97 inches) which converts into 784.2mm tall (30.87). I will check these again after a couple of months of high and low pressure riding to see if they change.

Vee also sent two fat-tire stud kits that I will plug in after a few weeks of riding studless. The stud kits each are labeled as 250 studs, while the tires have 254 stud pockets each. Each pack had about 8 extra studs so everything should work out in the end. Each set of studs weighed in at 64 grams. That works out to about a quarter gram per stud for you weight weenies. I also weighed the stud installation tools. The first came in at a reasonable 55grams which is one gram less than a regulation tennis ball. When I measured the second installation tool, it was a whole 65 grams which are as heavy as a C cell battery! My handy dandy digital caliper tells me that the round-tipped studs are 5.6mm (0.22 inches) tall.

Keep an eye on for my thoughts on how the tires perform and hold up to commuting, exploring general tomfoolery, and advanced tomfoolery on everything from pavement to polished ice. 

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7 Responses to First Look – Vee Tire Co 27.5×4.5 Snow Avalanche Tires and Fat Tire Stud Kit – by Dustin Marsh

  1. Bret December 16, 2019 at 8:49 am #

    Any pictures of the BB/Chainstay area?

    • DM December 18, 2019 at 8:04 am #

      I’ll have some in the longer term review. It is definitely cozy.

      • Moritz Haager November 16, 2020 at 3:27 pm #

        I ride single track exclusively in winter in Snow. I run Gnarwhals front and rear. My buddy runs Barbagazzi front and rear on basically identical bikes. We are pretty similar fitness levels but I have noticed over the last 2 seasons it’s hard to keep up with him in most conditions. I’m thinking of changing my rear out for a faster rolling but still studded tire. Wondering what your top recommendation would be?

        • Gomez November 17, 2020 at 7:52 am #

          Maybe start sneaking rocks into your buddy’s frame pack when he’s not looking. If you were riding in Icey or looser snow conditions, your buddy might find it hard to keep up with you on those gnarwhals. I would bet that your tires weigh 200-300 grams each more than your amigo’s tires. The tire in this review and the 45NRTH Dillingers are two studded 27.5 options. Availability is going to be a factor as well with the way that things are looking. The demand is forecast to outweigh the current supply.

  2. Bret December 18, 2019 at 11:58 am #


  3. Sergey December 20, 2019 at 8:04 am #

    Are they available? If not (it looks so) when are they gonna be out?

  4. Andy December 20, 2019 at 5:24 pm #

    Have a ’19 ‘Grease with stock 3.8″s and am looking to increase the snow patch…would love to see pics of this tire’s clearance with seatstay, seat tube and chainstay area.

    Fork seems it could take a huge tire so not much worry there.


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