Twelve Best Wallpapers of 2019!

Let’s take a look back at the year’s Best Wallpaper Wednesday images from 2019!


Tom McDonald – Grand Falls on the Dead River, Maine


Daniel Tscharnuter – The Dobratsch


John Moore – the Vernal Equinox – North of Liverpool on the Merseyside Coast


Joshua Earl – high above Ogden, Utah


Eckart Altenkamp – Simpson Desert ‘Big Red’ – one of the biggest dunes in the Simpson


Jeff Wriker – The Skydance Bridge


Jeff Davis -Salsa Blackborow – Arizona Trail in Flagstaff.


Antti Hakonen – Pole Taiga


Bandw – Etna Volcano – Italy


Mark “Jake The Snake” Jacobson – Pancia Rosa


Gomez – Glacial River Mountain Bike Trail


Jay Cable – the “blow hole” the Iditarod Trail near Nome Alaska

Let us know your favorite in the comments!

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  1. When I first saw February’s pic my jaw dropped, so cool and exposed! I go back to it on the regular to check it out.

    I like November’s pic of Otis because it’s Otis and we had a bit of early season snow to raise the stoke for the upcoming season.

    December’s takes it for me, and it really compliments Adam’s interview with Steve Cannon, drives home the idea OPEN SPACE that many of us may never comprehend.

    Thanks for filling my work monitors with some awesome visual diversions, keep up the great work, Cheers!

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