Artist Spotlight – Ryan Thibault (new sticker)

One of the true blessings in life is art! We’ve always tried to keep a steady stream of cool cartoonists and illustrators working on a virtual parade of fat-bike stickers that we’ve given away over the years. Year after year, I’d see these incredible event posters that were illustrated by Ryan Thibault. One way or another, our paths crossed recently and we worked out an adaptation of one of Ryan’s event posters for our newest stickers. Before we get to the sticker, let’s take a look at some of Ryan’s Event Posters.

Ryan has been making fat bike event posters for years and loves being part of the fat bike community. We dig spreading Ryan’s art stoke.  That Bronco Poster at the top of the page is my favorite. What’s your fave? If you’d like to work with Ryan on a project, you can contact him at


If you’ve been a reader of Fat-Bike dot com, over the last decade, you know that we love to give away stickers. We’ve had some doozies over the years and this latest batch might just be, the best ever.

How can you get your muddy paws on these sweet new stickers?

I’m so very glad you asked! Here’s the way for you to get your hands on some stickers till they’re gone! All that you have to do to get some stickers mailed to you is send us beautiful scenic photos of your fat-bike in its natural habitat. Go for a ride at sunset and lean your bike up against that two-hundred-year-old gnarly old tree that you like and collect a big bucket full of pixels. Then send the very best shots that you collect in an email to uncle and everyone that includes their snail mail address, will receive some stickers. Put Snow Globe in the subject line of your email and don’t forget to remember to include your address. If you send us a shitty out of focus half-assed photo, we’ll send you an envelope full of dog hair instead of stickers. That dog hair will contain a left-eyed gypsie curse that will give you a flat tire when you least expect it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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