Fat (video) Tuesday – produced by Maine Public Television

Brian Bechard from Main Public sent us this week’s FvT feature. It’s a video that he put together for the local PBS affiliate in Portland, ME. This is what Brian shared about his video presentation about Fat-Biking in Maine.

Each season more and more miles of trails are groomed exclusively for fat tire winter cycling in Maine and the rest of New England. Our cold snowy climate is highly conducive to producing prime fat biking conditions. With the help and hard work of several volunteer groomers and local mountain bike associations like NEMBA (New England Mountain Bike Association), Maine has some of the best fat biking in the East. From ski resorts and State Parks to urban trail systems and even privately run bike parks, Maine’s fat bike scene has exploded over the last couple of years. Meet some of the people who are making this growth happen, learn a little about the sport and our little corner of it up here in Maine in this video produced by Maine Public Television.


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