Fat (video) Tuesday – Old Man Fat Bike – Fatbassador to the Ozarks

We’ve been fans of Old Man Fat Bike (Jens) for a long time now and we’ve featured a couple of his videos on FvT. After watching his newest release we talked and today we’re proud to Announce that Old Man Fat Bike is our official Fatbassador to the Ozarks! So you can look forward to seeing and hearing more from Jens with tales of bike fun from The Ozarks! For today we feature the video that made it all happen – Enjoy the Ride!

Would you share your Plus or Fat Pixels?

Give us your tired, your poor, Your huddled pixels, yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming hard drive. Send your pics and videos to uncle gomez@fat-bike.com and if you include your mailing address, we’ll send you some stickers (see below). Even if you live in a far away, distant fat-bike paradise.

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  1. Slick video! Definitely love watching the balance on the curbs. I struggle with that technique.

    • Thanks so much for checking it out! Ridding skinnies is tough for me too, that’s why I work on it every chance I get. I found it to be very beneficial in developing your balancing and bike control.

  2. Hey Old Man…
    from another….on a Doloomite…

    the folding glasses you wear.. what brand or link, or some help, for we technology and ‘short arm’ challenged folks ??

    I know you’ve had the the title awhile but, Congrats!!
    and, if I may…

    Fast or slow….still gotta work..but, I’m ready to go !!

    • Hi Billy! The sunglasses that I’m wearing are a pair of RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses Driving shades For Men TR90 Unbreakable Frame RB831. I bought them from Amazon. They seem to do the trick very nicely and they come in a wide range of colors. Hopefully you’ll find something you’ll like.

      I like your last statement, I too am always ready to go!!

      Peace, OMFB

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