Wallpaper Wednesday – The Ice Cream Truck Name Story.


This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday features a shot of a Surly Ice Cream Truck in Switzerland sent to us from René Albisser. Way back in 2014 Colin Ford and I got the first look at Surly’s new sled and we heard the story about how the Ice Cream Truck got its name from Surly’s Product Manager, Adam Scholtes. Adam explained that during a trip to Taiwan, he heard the jingle-jangle of what we know in the US as the calling card of the Ice Cream Truck. However, in Taiwan, the vehicle that broadcasts that sound was a garbage truck. He shared a story with his cohorts from his childhood about the Ice Cream Truck Music. Adam’s Mom had always told him that the Ice Cream Truck only played that music when they were out of Ice Cream. Of course, that was just a ruse. When it came time to name Surly’s new fatty, ICT made the list of names and eventually became the official name of this model. #nowyouknow

This is what René shared with us about his portrait of this ICT…

Here’s a first spring Wallpaper from Goldau, Switzerland with Mt Rigi in the background. Bike: Surly ICT, Photo and riding by Adi Annen, Steinen

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