The Danger Gnome Zoomcast Fatbassador Special

Today’s Danger Gnome Zoomcast features conversations with four of our fatbassadors from Alaska, the Ozarks, Colorado & Maine!

  • Travis Hubbard Fatbassador to Alaska and the Yukon from Anchorage
  • Yens – Old Man Fat Bike – Fatbassador to The Ozarks from Missouri
  • Julio dot Com – Sr. Test Pilot – (fellow Hoosier) – Fatbassador to The Rockies from Colorado
  • Tom McDonald – Newest Fatbassador – Organic Pixel Farmer – Fatbassador to the Great State of Maine



Are you a regional powerhouse of bike fun? Can you press the shutter release on a camera with a certain aplomb that defines grace with a hint of psychedelia? Do you have a critter living in your beard? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have what it takes to become the Fatbassador to your neck of the woods, region, shire, swamp, forest, mountain, or state, province, etc. If you think that sounds groovy, just pop off an email to uncle with words, pictures, recipes, gnome lore and maybe why you’d like to be the Fatbassador to (insert your location) and next thing you know, you might be part of something really fun – Gnome Sane?

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