PDW Hot Take Review by Dustin Marsh

Portland Design Works Hot Take

After a lovely weekend ride at the storied Levis-Trow Mounds trail, I returned to my vehicular device to find a funky little beverage holder gadget named Hot Take made by Portland Design Works (PDW). Some gnome must have dropped it off while I wasn’t looking. PDW makes all sorts of cycling accessories for everyday riding. I personally have owned and used many of their fine products for many years now without any issues to report, so I couldn’t wait to slap it on my commuter for work on Monday.

First impressions were that it might not be up to the task of carrying a full coffee mug. How could such a small nylon mug holster be capable of supporting even a soda can? 

The frame of the Hot Take is sewn around a rigid plastic sheet. This holds the shape for easy access, while the soft inner lining cradles your beverage while rocking it gently to sleep. But the beverage is coffee and it will never sleep. The outer layer consists of a tough nylon to keep the hungry raccoons from chewing through. A deceivingly strong elastic band connects the two sides in a soothing hug, while an adjustable hook and loop strap on the bottom allows for height adjustment. 

Securing the Hot Take to a bike is accomplished by three hook and loop straps going to the handlebars, stem, and steer tube. I found using just the stem and handlebar straps to be more than enough to secure a full mug of coffee. As I use a long stem, the third strap location was fairly far from the steer tube. Each of the mounting straps is rubberized on the backside to give a white knuckle grip on even the shiniest of retro-cruiser bars.

Height adjustment with the lower strap was much more useful than I thought it would be. That simple strap positions my strangely tall Stanley mug right in the sweet spot, but holds a 12oz can out of harms way. A wine bottle also fits beautifully for an after work picnic! 

Through daily commuting, the Hot Take has proven itself a worthy addition to my cockpit. Over potholes, off curbs, and down urban singletrack, I was comforted by the fact my beverage would always arrive safely.

This is another high quality product from PDW. It does it’s job well while staying stylish and maintaining a clean aesthetic. This tallboy tote is well worth the $25 USD price tag. 

Find this and many more cycling accessories at Portland Design Works

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