The Danger Gnome Podcast – Gnometember Holiday Special with Hugh Jass, Chris Daisy, Aristotle Peters and AK Fatbassador – Travis!

Listen to hear what’s up at the Fat dash Bike dot com home office and what might be in store for the Hugh Jass Fat-bike Race Series this coming winter. We chat with our Fatbassador Travis about a Ti Corvus Prototype that he saw recently and more. We check in with Aristotle Peters who’s working on a fat-suspension fork article that pits the Wren Inverted Fork vs. the Manitou Mastodon and we talk with Bike Black Ribbon Society Cult Leader, Chris Daisy about all sorts of tomfoolery. I predict that you’ll learn fascinating new information that will probably change your life (NOT!). But you may laugh a little (or a lot).


Hugh Jass –

Wheel & Sprocket –

Gen 3 Corvus Prototype

Greg Matyas (far right) on the new Ti Corvus proto – Photo courtesy of Speedway Cycles
Our leader and big toe – Chris Daisy

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