Bontrager Avert Adventure Shoe by Greg Gentle

Bontrager Avert Adventure Shoe

Bontrager has followed up on last season’s popular GRX Gravel Shoe with the Avert Adventure Shoe, an all new addition to their casual, all-rounder footwear line. Available in Trek Black and Sandstone, the $174.99 Avert features:

  • Durable, weather resistant, and breathable CORDURA® and suede upper construction for all-day, everyday use
  • High-traction reverse lug outsole to easily traverse any terrain you come across
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole for all day comfort
  • Classic lace closure system with convenient elastic lace keeper keeps things nice and tidy
  • Compatible with 2-bolt SPD-style cleats
  • Slip-on construction makes it easy to get on and off and assures the tongue never slides to one side
  • Men’s Unconditional Bontrager Guarantee
  • Sizes: US 3.5/EU 36 – Men’s US 14.5/EU 48

The Avert Adventure Shoe’s design focus is less about the ride, but the whole adventure experience. “There’s more to bike adventures than riding,” said April Beard, Bontrager Director of Product for Helmets and Footwear. “This shoe pairs on-bike performance with off-bike comfort. Whether you find yourself stopping mid-ride to explore, hanging around a campfire, or sitting at a coffee shop, the Avert Adventure Shoe is the single stylish and comfortable solution.”

I was lucky enough to get a pair of the new Avert Adventure Shoe for a test and review for my friends at  Here are a few of my initial reactions to the Avert Adventure Shoe. My test pair came in the Sandstorm colorway. The color is similar to the Bontrager GRX Gravel Shoe I reviewed last spring. At a glance the design reminds me of a Five-Ten flat pedal cycling shoe. The shoe is secured by traditional laces, but the shoe is actually designed as a slip-on. The laces allow for a customized fit. I was surprised by how easy and comfortable the shoe is to get on and off.

The Avert is extremely comfortable both on and off the bike.  My usual cycling footwear line up is made up of racing shoes, so I was pleasantly surprised by the comfortable, well cushioned footbed and perfect fit. On the bike the Avert was equally impressive.  I run SPD pedals.  One thing I’ve experienced with other SPD compatible casual riding shoes is the SPD cleat is often exposed to surfaces when walking off the bike. The sound of grinding metal on concrete or stone is not something I enjoy. By utilizing a thicker sole, the Avert’s thoughtful design has eliminated this problem entirely. The soft, but tough sole provides plenty of sticky traction for hiking and rock scrambling. Platform pedals will work well with the tacky Avert sole, as well. 

The Final Word

My experience with “combi” designed products is a mixed bag.  Products designed to be the best of both worlds usually don’t excel at anything. For example, I had a pair of combi cross country skis designed for skating and traditional xc-skiing. Those skis were lousy skate skis, and marginal classic skis. I have to say though, the Avert Adventure Shoe might be the exception. This was proven during a hike with my dogs Sunday morning. The afore mentioned cleat mashing on rock issue is non-existent. Off the bike they felt like a comfortable light hiking shoe.

Bontrager does a great job of designing their products for both men and women. However, I don’t see a women’s version of the Avert in the press release. I think women will find this comfort and cross application appealing.

I’m looking forward to logging more hours on the bike and miles on the trail in these shoes before the snow flies. We will see if they truly hold up to Bontrager’s claim that the Avert Adventure Shoe is the one-shoe solution for adventuring on and off the bike. More to come.

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  1. AJ Longstreet January 16, 2021 at 1:54 pm #

    Now that some time has passed, I would love to hear how they’ve faired. My DRZ shoes have fallen apart in less than a year and am hoping these will be a more durable replacement.

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