Fat Tribe Friday Octubre Veinte-Veinte

From Richard Wilson – “A sunny, warm and calm October day in New Mexico, perfect for high altitude fat ride.”

Laura Rothering sent us a shot of All-City’s new Gorilla Monsoon – do-it-all dirt groadie. She hopes the GRX (Pineapple Sundae color) with Sturdy Bags will inspire cross racers, dirt tourists, and backcountry explorers to get out on the ride of a lifetime.

Jan Ghys sent us a shot of his Sandman Fat Bike and what looks to be a very tired and very happy puppy from Heerbaan, Belgium.

Gus Villanueva sent us a shot of his fatty from Toronto Canada. He thinks we have superpowers. (I wish)

Gabe Kutcher shared shots of his Advocate Watchman from Alaska

Let’s close today’s Fat Tribe Friday with our Dog Days of Summer Contest Winner, Scott Brand, and his dog, Dixie from Salmon Idaho!


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