New GORE® Fall and Winter Apparel keeps you riding all year long

Winter ride gear should never get in the way of performance. The new GORE® C5 line that we’re about to share with y’all is more streamlined than ever before, to offer warmth and weather-protection without a bunch of bulk. From fall into winter, we have a few things in for review including base layers, shoe covers, and new split-gloves so let’s take a look.

Gore-Tex Infinium Phantom Jacket

The PHANTOM GORE-TEX INFINIUM™: Highly versatile windproof soft shell with zip off sleeves, allowing you to transform your jacket into a jersey. A relaunch of a GORE® best ever selling jacket with the
latest evolution of fabrics and new design lines for a more modern appearance. Perfect for rides with changeable temperatures.

As versatile as always, and yet better than ever: the PHANTOM GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ 2-in-1 jacket is now even more lightweight and sports a new design and the latest fabrics.

For many years the PHANTOM GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ jacket has been one of the most popular products among GORE® Wear customers, as it combines two innovative garments in one: zip fastenings on the shoulders allow the wearer to remove the sleeves, converting the jacket into a light and airy jersey.

The advantage: you can shield yourself against the cold along the morning bike commute and on the way home you can enjoy the sunny weather without breaking a sweat. And when it comes to bikepacking, this versatile garment helps you stay prepared for a range of weather conditions while leaving more space in your bags for other essentials.

A jacket that turns into a jersey is a new twist for me and I have to say that I love this piece. Infinium is 100% windproof and vents really well. I don’t overheat and stay cool and comfortable on chilly morning rides in this thing.

C5 Thermo Jersey & Bib Tights

– the new C5 thermo jersey: features an aero fit and thermal fabric in the main torso to protect and insulates your core, while a lighter fabric makes up the lower part of the sleeves and side panels. A functional cold-weather jersey with clean, sophisticated look that’s not just for dedicated roadies.

– the C5 Thermo Bib Tights+:  Perfectly suited for cyclists taking on endurance rides in harsh conditions, these tights features DWR  (Durably Water Repellant) and WINDSTOPPER® fabric in the crotch area to shield from cold and road spray while insulating and supporting vital muscle groups. 

I’ve spent a lot of time this past year riding in Gore Wear Shorts and tights. I reviewed a small platoon of winter tights last year (click here to read) so I’m confident that the newest C5 Thermo Bib Tights+ will get high marks for performance and comfort. The new C5 thermo jersey in a size L fit a bit too snug for me, so Greg Gentle is going to give that one a spin in our upcoming review.

GORE – Gore-Tex Infinium Gloves

The Stretch Mid Gloves are going to spend a lot of time as my Bar Mitts set-up this winter. I’ve been wearing them mountain biking in 35-50 degree days and the Gore-Tex Infinium is just warm enough to keep me cool and dry.

The Split Finger Gloves have been getting tested on my morning gravel rides #coffeeoutside. I’ve been wearing “Lobster Gloves” for almost thirty years and we’ll have to put these through some real winter conditions to see how they stack up.

Both versions of the gloves work with touchscreens #nerdalert

Gore Windstopper Thermo Overshoes

Just about the time that my old set of booties started to wear out, these bad boys arrived just in time for the gales of November to blow in October. If you want to take your regular clipless shoes through the shoulder season, this is the way to go. I like the newest zipper position on the inside of the heel. It makes it easy to reach (even for an old geezer like me). Once the snow starts to fall, boots are a better choice, but until then, these babies will be collecting a nice patina of mud and grit.

Gore Windstopper Base Layer

The Gore Windstopper Base Layer joins the trusty rotation of wool and synthetic short sleeved shirts that I like to wear when it’s around 60 degrees F under a jersey. This base layer has Gore Windstopper and that set’s it apart from what I’m used to wearing. The fit is tailored and true to size. It’s already a favorite.

So there you have it…The Gore Wear C5 Collection. I know that some of you might be think’n #dontbesucharoadie. Well just remember that you can wear the Gore hi-tech fabrics under a wool lumberjack ensemble and still reap the benefits of Gore-Tex Infinium. I’ll be interviewing Kevin King from Gore Wear at the end of the month to talk about all things winter ride apparel and we’ll be back around the holidays with a full review. Till then ¡Felices Caminos Amigos!

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