Revelate-Wolf Tooth CoLab: ToolCash Field Review – by Greg Gentle

Revelate-Wolf Tooth CoLab: ToolCash Field Review

When I was a kid there was an infamous TV commercial for Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Picture a handsome dude with a sweet feathered hair style turning the street corner with a chocolate bar in his hand crashing into a young lady walking down the sidewalk eating out of a tub of peanut butter.  I mean, who doesn’t walk down the street eating out of a tub of peanut butter, right? The chocolate and peanut butter collide creating that now famous sweet convection. When I saw the ToolCash my mind flipped channels back to 1982. The tag line, “Two great tastes that tastes great together” was ringing in my ears.  Revelate Designs and Wolf Tooth Components are industry leaders in the bike world designing and making some of the best accessories on the market. The ToolCash collaboration is two great brands making something pretty sweet. 

Back in July of 2020 Gomez dropped the news on about this amazing collaboration. Having been a fan of both brands for years, I was stoked to see this come together. Gomez knew I was planning a multi-day bike packing trip across Wisconsin’s north-land, so he asked if I’d like to bring the ToolCash along to test in the wild. 

Before I get into my experience using the Tool Cash, let’s review some of the product details.


The 4×5 inch ToolCash comes in at 1.9 ounces (empty) featuring Revelate’s proprietary abrasion-resistant VX material. Revelate is famous for their bomb-proof packs, so you know this thing will hold up to years of abuse. The closure mechanism is tastefully adorned with a machined aluminum hook and eye system attached to heavy duty nylon webbing sewn to the body of the ToolCash. 

Design and Features

Three narrow, tube shaped sleeves on one side of the ToolCash’s interior receive Wolf Tooth’s EnCase System Hex Bit Multi-Tool, it’s partner in crime, the EnCase Chain and Tire Plug tool, and their PackPliers chain breaker tool.  Each are sold separately. Opposite the tool pouches is a zippered mesh pocket to store whatever you can fit in there. The tool side of the ToolCash also has a fold out wallet that will take 2-3 cards, identification, and a few bucks. The wallet flap flips down to cover and protect the tools secured by another hook and eye system featuring a small toggle. 


The stylish $45 ToolCash is available directly from both brands, but feature different colorways depending on which web site you visit.  I’m sure you can find it at other online retailers, but please try your local bike shop first if you don’t want to go direct. Revelate’s issue comes in a light blue and red combination. Wolf Tooth offers a limited-edition Wolf Tooth branded ToolCash in black available at their web site. 

Pure Functionality

The ToolCash offers pure functionality in a compact, well designed package. How many times do you find yourself cursing while digging around for a tire lever, chain tool, or wrenches in one of your bags? The ToolCash eliminates this problem by providing a one-stop shop for those important tools and accessories needed to get you up and running after a trailside mechanical. I have used the available EnCase Handlebar Storage Sleeves for the EnCase tools, but I’ve had issues with that system due largely to the metal endcaps that scratch the living hell out of anything you lean your bike up against.  The ToolCash is the best possible solution to keep your tools organized and ready for action.   

Given the choice between the black Wolf Tooth edition or the royal blue Revelate edition, I prefer the Revelate colors for easy identification.  When the ToolCash is not traveling with me in a bike bag or rear pocket, I keep it in my cavernous gear bag.  The contrasting royal blue Revelate ToolCash is easily found amongst other gear.  The compact design and minimalist weight make it an easy fit for rear jersey pockets as well.  I like the fact that I can grab the ToolCash and throw it in my pocket on shorter rides where bags aren’t needed. 

On day two of my bike packing trip I started to notice my right SPD cleat was starting to loosen.  Knowing the ToolCash was in my frame bag, it was a quick fix.  Having all of my tools in one place got me up and running quickly without wasting a lot of time digging around looking for stuff. 

The Final Word

When I first saw the ToolCash I did not consider it something I would run out and buy, but after using it for the last four or five months I can’t imagine riding without it.  You don’t have the Wolf Tooth EnCase Tools?  No problem.  The ToolCash will still safely carry your personal effects.  Friends in living in states that allow adult use of green combustibles will appreciate the ToolCash (ToolStash?) for the same reasons outlined here: compact design, superb organization, and ease of use.  If you need something to keep yourself organized on the trail, I recommend getting your hands on a ToolCash from Revelate Designs and Wolf Tooth Components.

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