Onyx Berd HED Made in Minnesota Limited Edition Wheelset

HED, Berd and Onyx Release Exclusive “Made in Minnesota”  Wheels

Minnesota-Based Bike Companies Collaborate to Produce Lightest Fat Bike Wheel

Roseville, MN: HED Cycling Products has teamed up Berd Spokes and Onyx Racing Products to  release a new limited edition wheel, designed and produced entirely in Minnesota.

The Made in Minnesota (limited edition) wheels are made with HED’s Big Deal (26”) and Big Half Deal (27.5”) fat bike rims, taking the world’s lightest fat bike rims and pairing them with the world’s lightest spokes, Berd’s Polylight spokes. To top it off, full builds of these wheels include a special edition “Black Aura” hub from Onyx Racing Products, with a speckled, color-shifting finish, and special edition “Northern Lights” decals from HED Cycling Products – all packaged and wrapped in an extremely Minnesotan “flannel print” box.

Incredibly, both the Big Deal and Big Half Deal fat bike wheel options weigh in at well under 2,000g per set, respectively, 1,740g and 1,800g per set. Wheels are available in standard fat bike builds, with Shimano and XD hub body options available, at HEDcycling.com. Retail price for this exclusive set is $3,200.

The Made in Minnesota (limited edition) is available only for a limited time, from now until January 15th. Learn more at HEDcycling.com.

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