Reader’s Ride(s) – Jake the Snake’s Smoke’n Flume

Normally we feature the bike of one of our readers in a Reader’s Ride(s) column, but today we’re taking a look at a ride that Mark “Jake the Snake” Jacobson took last month that is visually stunning.

We had featured Jake on Wallpaper Wednesday, and today he’s taking us for a ride in the High Sierra. This is one incredibly beautiful ride report!

11/11/2020 Incline Village, NV – Wow, what an Incredible day on the “Flumes”! Started at Incline Flume on SR431. The first few miles out to Diamond Peak were well traveled by the hikers, but only one hiker after Diamond Peak.

What looked like snowmaking at Diamond Peak Ski Resort ended up being a controlled burn? When I went right through the middle of a smoldering forest I wondered if I should report it… I heard a helicopter about 5 minutes after crossing so didn’t worry but…

After that when I got to the north end of the Marlette Flume, it was just me and the critters all the way to the south end of Marlette Lake! About 5 miles of untracked powder traversing the ridge 1,800{ above Lake Tahoe. What a blessing and a privilege.

I saw at least 4 different sets of bear tracks and several coyotes, rabbits, and deer. I don’t think there was more than 100’ of Trail that didn’t have some animal tracks on it, and none of them were human ????

If you know how beautiful the Flume trails are, you should see them covered in untracked powder sugar snow! ???? what an incredible ride all the way out to the south side of Marlette Lake and back.

Easily the most beautiful ride with the most spectacular scenery, period. 26 miles of endless, spectacular vistas! Nothing else like it!

The Strava link to the ride:
And here’s the Relive Video:

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