Danger Gnome Podcast Made in MN Holiday Special

¡Happy New Year – Feliz Año Nuevo! The star of this episode is a Beautiful set of fat-bike wheels that comes out of the land of ten-thousand lakes. Hed Cycling , Berd Spokes and Onyx Racing Products are playing in concert and have created a Limited Edition – Made in MN Wheelset. Our guests include Anne Hed, from Hed Cycling. Charlie Spanjers, Cofounder of Berd Spokes along with our Fatbassador Travis Hubbard. Later in the show, Chris Daisy talks about his newfound freedom of choice in an After Hours segment that bears a listen. We answer a reader question about summer fat-bike tires that we like and Chris takes a shot across the bow of the bike industry. (I never even knew he was in the Navy).

Capybara Butter


Anne Hed – (2:58)

Charlie Spanjers – (18:20)

After Hours with Chris Daisy – (41:31)


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