Fat Tribe Faturday

Our readers generously share their fat-bike fun with us in so many different channels from all over the globe. Today we’re sharing a few of the ones from the last little bit.

Our friends Ronsta & Beth frequently win facebook with their adventures. I asked if I could post this shot to break the internet with Ronsta’s lime mint clash Ice Cream Truck. #freakalicious #wisconsin

Bill Hartz sent in a shot of where his fat-bike waits while he’s at work. #droids #milwaukee

Laura sent in a shot of her new fatty after her first ride. This is what she shared.

Fresh “Treks” My first-ever Fat Bike Ride… I’m hooked for life…Kent Park: Tiffin, Iowa – Came across your website. I’m new to the sport and can’t stop smiling. Makes me feel like a kid again. 

#thisisyourbrainonfatbikes #iowa

Chris Bell sent in a shot from the Granite State of his ICT and his amigos snow blind Pugsley in front of some giant contraption out in the woods. #oldschool #newhampshire

Bob Gilliland sent in a shot from a stream crossing somewhere between Taos and Santa Fe New Mexico. He added –

Thinking about how fun summer is on a fat bike and how fortunate we are to have such great trails and forest roads in New Mexico couldn’t do it without my framed carbon fiber fat tire bike! And I can’t forget my Lauf forks 

#landofenchantment #newmexico

Allroy sent us a shot that his friend Lloyd took. This is what Allroy shared –

My cycling pal and newest member of the Cambridge Howlers Mt Bike Club took this picture of his Fat Bike on a solo ride he did recently. His name is Lloyd and it is of his 2017 Specialized Fat Boy. It was taken in Shades Mills Conservation area. Lloyd is a recent convert into the fat bike cult. 

#sometimesitscomplicated #ontario #canada

I’m told that Croatia is incredibly beautiful. Here’s the story about this shot from Vjeran –

My name is Vjeran, almost 47 years old trail builder from Croatia. For 20+ years in mountain biking, but for the last 3 years, I am hooked on FAT bikes. My First FAT ride was Specialized Fatboy from 2017 but customized a lot. My current ride is Pole Taiga 2019,  custom build. Fatbiking is not very popular in my country, so I am doing my best to grow a fat bike community here. 

#internationalhouseoffatbikes #croatia

Monte McAnulty sent in this gorgeous shot from Mt. Charleston, Nevada. #goattrails #lostwages #nevada

Well, that’s all for this episode of #fatbikefun! If you like seeing posts from the fat-tribe, send us a shot from your neck of the woods! Send your photos and videos to with fat-tribe as the subject and you might be part of our next post. Hell, if you include a mailing address we’ll send you some cool stickers. If you think about it, you could pay it forward and send in a picture along with the address of a good ride buddy or a rad bike shop that fixes your bike when it breaks. that way they get a nice surprise in the mail.


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