FAT VIKING 2021 is going (Virtual) GLOBAL!

We wanted to see you here in Geilo, we wanted to laugh with you, fight together with you, celebrate with you. 
But the only sensible thing to do in this situation was to cancel the race: no Fat Viking race in Geilo in 2021

Instead, we invite the WHOLE WORLD to a «GLOBAL EDITION» of FAT VIKING 2021!
In 2021 we need to do things differently, but we are not doing things halfway!!

Join! Become a super-spreader and spread the vibe (not the virus).
Make your friends join too!
Ride your fat bike wherever you are on the original race weekend and become a finisher of the global FV edition (FV50, FV100, FV150)!
We will even send you a finisher sticker if you do well.

The rules are simple:

Join the Global Fat Viking 2021 on the
Facebook EVENT site.

Start riding Friday 29th of January 2021 at 12pm (12.00) and finish before Sunday 31st of January 6pm (18.00)
You need to ride a FATBIKE (non-motorized! Tire width 3.8 inch or wider, manufacturers label).
Ride wherever you want, create your own course.
Ride unsupported (no support crew, but feel free to make use of commercially available shops and institutions on your way). You are allowed to sleep and eat at home!
Group rides are very welcome!

FV50 finisher = you have ridden 50km.
FV100 finisher = you have ridden 100km 
FV150 finisher = you have ridden 150km between Friday 12 pm and Sunday 6 pm.

Your ride needs to be documented both in length (picture of gps display, Strava, etc) and in style (at least 5 pictures of yourself and/or your bike in several locations, at least one picture of you wearing a face-mask).
Documentation needs to be published on the EVENT site (NOT the race discussion group!).

You are responsible for your safety. You need to make sure you obey to all rules and regulations that apply to the country and place where you are riding.

Mandatory gear: face-mask, disinfectant, and everything you need to keep yourself well and healthy and of course everything needed in regard to traffic rules, infection control, etc.

For those of you who are in Geilo on race day: we will try to get the 2020 race course rideable (push-able) or release a gpx file with an alternative option.

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