Lockdown Video Escape to Scotland by Bruce Mathieson

The godfather of fat-bike beach riding, Mr. Bruce Mathieson, catalogues Scotland’s incredible coastal paradise with videos that have been an inspiration for around the last ten years. He’s really been cranking out some great stuff during the Covid lockdowns in the UK. Bruce had this to say about his latest film.

Been a crazy year and looks like this year there may be light at the end of this long dark tunnel.

Were in full lockdown here in the UK, essential travel only – shops for essential supplies etc… At least (we) can go to shops for Cider ok!, That will be my excuse to take out the Army Willys Jeep I recently got!, that thing is great fun!

Were back to local cycling on the coast again daily so thought you may want a film to share to give folks some inspiration to get out and stay healthy during all the craziness…

Cheers, Bruce Mathieson

¡Muchisimas Gracias Bruce! With the current world pandemic and the endless cycle of extremely concerning news reports, there’s no better time to throw some energy into cycling to escape the noise. Here’s to you and your health amigo – Cheers!

Bruce’s Coastrider Blog – https://coastkid.blogspot.com/

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