Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday!

photo by Ed Newman

Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras. Carnivale. Shrove Tuesday. International Pancake Day. It doesn’t matter which name that you prefer,  tomorrow is a great day to enjoy a ride and perhaps a beverage or two. Fat Tuesday is the middle-child of the triple crown of fat-bike holidays so here’s a pretty solid plan for tomorrow. Get up and go ride. Then go ahead and call in sick or take a personal day. Make or order something decadent to eat and imbibe in something deliciously intoxicating and maybe go for another ride! Fat Tuesday is better than most any other Tuesday unless your birthday happens to land on a Tuesday and then that would be a tie.

Fat Tuesday 2010 – Riding my Pugsley with a selfie-stick!

So tomorrow let’s go for a ride and meet back here for Wallpaper Wednesday, n’stuff.


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