Giro Supernatural Cycling Gloves

As soon as I read about these new gloves from Giro and Elastic Interface I wanted to give them a try. The Giro Supernatural Cycling Gloves are the first glove that utilizes a new seamless molded one-piece palm created by Elastic Interface. I’m familiar with Elastic Interface’s molded padding from wearing their chamois in Gore shorts, bibs, and tights. I figured that if the padding in the shorts felt good supporting the kind of forces applied to my seat, they’d probably work wonders for my hands. Something like “what’s good for the gooch has to be good for my paws” sort of logic.

My hands are the latest weal-link in my aging bio-mechanical gnome-sack. (There used to be more) I wake up with swollen and sore paws the day after I get to enjoy a big ride. It’s something that a few doses of ibuprofen usually puts to rest. It’s a pretty common issue with other bike mechanics that I know. Mi amigo Norm always complained about hand pain and I think that’s because we’re both in our sixth decade. I don’t see any reason to stop riding and wrenching but I hoped that finding a better glove might help los maños on the morning after a Full Monty.

It’s interesting that the marketing team at Giro chose the name ‘Supernatural’ for their new collaboration with Elastic Interface. Supernatural is also the title of the eighteenth studio album by Carlos Santana, released on June 15, 1999, on Arista Records. Supernatural was a huge success around the world and renewed the popularity of Santana’s music. It reached No. 1 in eleven countries, including the US. The album won eight Grammy Awards including Album of the Year in 2000. I think the name chosen for these gloves will turn out to be a fitting tribute to the music and enjoy a similar trajectory to become a worldwide success.

Fit and Feel

I get to try some of the finest quality cycling togs, and I’ve shared my thoughts about a variety of cycling apparel over the years. Some of my favorite pairs of shorts have a padded chamois made by Elastic Interface. Anyone that’s ever worn a modern-day top-tier quality pair of padded cycling shorts knows the kind of comfort that a molded chamois can provide on long days in the saddle. Elastic Interface and Giro have combined that kind of ergonomic support and created a better mousetrap…or cycling glove – (as it were). The fit of the gloves is true to size. They’re a bit of a chore to get into, but once applied feel great. There’s a velcro tab that closes the deal and the back of the gloves are mesh. (I wonder if I’ll get weird tan lines from that?) The gloves also have two tab/pockets on the back of the middle and ring fingers that help remove the gloves (even when sweaty),


We normally take six weeks to test products, but these gloves are so good, I couldn’t wait to share the news. We received these gloves and I’ve worn them on three rides so far. Fourteen miles of dirt singletrack, ten miles of mixed surface gravel, and then thirty-two miles on gravel. The molded padding stands out as the most prominent feature. Normally, if I ride a bike with round grips, I really feel discomfort in my hands. I rode a set of round grips on the ten-mile ride and it never felt uncomfortable. I rode a drop bar on the long gravel ride and the gloves felt right at home. The padding was excellent for riding the dirt at the Southern Kettles but I’d really love to see a full-fingered version of these gloves instead of the fingerless Supernaturals. The added forces of riding off-road tend to jam fingerless gloves into the base of my fingers. (YMMV) So, if you’re listening out there, Giro Product Development Team…Please make long-fingered gloves for mountain bikers and lobster gloves for winter! These gloves helped my hands to feel better during the ride and afterwards!

My final thoughts are – go buy these. They ROCK! They’re fifty clams and worth every penny. Your hands will thank you.

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