Wallpaper Wednesday ♦ ¡Cinco de Mayo!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Ryan Hill – Athletes: Rebecca Rusch, Chris Burkard, & Angus Morton

Famed explorer and National Geographic photographer Chris Burkard has completed the first north to south unsupported fat bike crossing of the Myrdalsjökull glacier in Iceland. Outfitted by 66°North, the Icelandic outerwear brand, Chris and fellow adventurers Rebecca Rusch and Angus Morton traversed a new route self-sufficiently tracing a line from the country’s northernmost point to the south. They executed the crossing in 6 days, with miles of tracks in the snow and some unbelievable photographs to show for it.  In addition to providing breathtaking photographs of Iceland’s unspoiled natural beauty, the trip was a demonstration of endurance: that of the bikers, and of the gear that made the trip possible for them to complete.

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