Ogwen Revisited

A few weeks back I had my first bout of sciatica which had me bail my bikepacking ride. I posted about it here:

I honestly thought I’d be out of action for quite some time as the days following were very painful. However, after getting some meds from the Drs, I was soon moving normally again.

After a couple of short rides, I knew I was ready to go bikepacking again. This time armed with my meds just in case.

So deciding on where to go was easy as I had some unfinished business to take care of. After finishing work I got dropped off close to where I started last time and headed off into the evening sun.

Evening sun on the Ogwen trail

I was soon at the point where I bailed and I was feeling good. I pushed on as the sun started to dip behind the Snowdonia hills and I knew my intended bivvy area was a no-no. I backtracked a little and found a great spot with stunning views.

bivvy spot with a view

I had an hour to get set up and I was happy with the tarp set up on this one. The great thing about being under a tarp is that you are not closed in like being in a tent so I had some fine views into the starry night sky. Several shooting stars and satellites passed overhead as I sat there chilling out.

Llyn (lake) Colwyd to the north of me
Brew with a view!
pillow view #1
pillow view #2

After a good night’s sleep, I woke up just before sunrise and made myself a coffee and enjoyed the peace and quiet of being on the hillside. However, the dreaded midgies (tiny tiny flies) made an appearance and feasted on me as I packed up. With the morning sun lifting above the nearby mountain, the heather on the ground shone bright their colours.

Leave no Trace

After packing up and leaving no trace I had a familiar 18-mile ride home.

Now that was a good one and worth the wait!


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