Teravail Washburn Groovy Gravel Slicks

Back in May, I mounted this set of Teravail Washburns and in the closing of our Los Graveleros – First Look at the Teravail Washburn 700x 42 Gravel Tires we shared…

It shouldn’t take me too long to rack up five-hundred miles on these babies, so I’ll check back with a full review then!

I’ve ridden 1,375 miles on the Washburns, so I’m back to share some thoughts. #betterlatethannever

The tread pattern on the Washburns really works well for our regional crushed limestone gravel trails, rural asphalt, and chip seal roads. I did some close comparison between this tire and the Gravel King SS. I really like the SS tires and gave them high marks in my review. The Washburns were every bit as good as the gravel kings for their ability to handle Wisconsin’s mixed surface riding. I regularly ride a section of road that goes along a railroad track so all of the tires that I test get sent through that gauntlet of super-chunk gravel. The Washburns handled those miles with ease.

The Durable sidewall must have done its job because the Washburns never suffered a puncture. I ran them tubeless with the air pressure from 35-40 psi. One of the reasons that I went back and forth between the Washburns and the Gravel Kings was to see if I could feel any difference in the suppleness of the sidewall. I couldn’t feel any difference with the pressures that I was running. There might be a more noticeable difference at lower pressures on more rugged conditions.

A very good indicator of how well these tires have been received is how long they stayed on my Salsa Cutthroat. I put this pair of tires up against gravel king ss tires and Surly Extraterrestrials and the Washburns always went back on the bike. That kind of says it all right there. The Washburns aren’t the perfect tire for every region’s definition of gravel but they come pretty close to that lofty goal in the Rock River Delta.

4.5 out of 5 Danger Gnomes

For more information about the Teravail Washburn visit – teravail.com

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