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Jay Thomas

The Levis Trow Mounds Fat Tire Festival is coming right down the pike on September 10-12th. The LMFTF is a celebration of mountain bikes, off-road riding, and of course shenanigans.  Mountain bike festivals like Gnomefest got me back into enjoying the culture of mountain biking, but it can be scary to go to a new trail system and expect to be able to rock on every trail.  So, for this Pneu Podcast, I chatted with Jay Thomas, owner of Roots Mountain Biking.  They help coach and train people to become better mountain bikers through clinics and skill drills.  Jay has personally helped my wife become more confident on her mountain bike, and his team of coaches is always improving.  Take a listen and if you want to step up your MTB game, give Jay a holler!
IG: @rootsmountainbiking FB: Roots Mountain Website: Youtube: RootsMTB

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