Fat (video) Tuesday – 2021 Global Fat Bike Day Film-Fest

Welcome to the 2021 Global Fat-Bike Day Film Festival. It’s an honor to host this year’s GFBDFF and we have an excellent post prepared with a flotilla of fat-bike celebrations from around the globe! Let me introduce our first video from Brian Riddle.

Donkeys go to Cougar Buttes #globalfatbikeday #gfbd2021

The No Coast Gravel Syndicate celebrated their 7th annual event out of Cycle Works in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Denny Rue captured the festivities up in the Northwoods of the Big Whiskey.

Lance Smith shot this clip at a #gfbd2021 Gravel ride near Canton, South Dakota, and Inwood, Iowa.

Allen Boardman’s video that stars someone that should look somewhat familiar to Fat (video) Tuesday fans…the one and only Jeff Price!

Sicilian Global Fat Bike Day – (with booty shake’n music)

Craig Hays shot this clip from Holland, Michigan along the shore of Lake Michigan.

I saved the best for last! This is Jeff Price’s video from Global Fat Bike Day 2021 Snowdonia ride which included staying in a private bothy with friends.

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