Global Fat Bike Day Turns Ten

The tenth year of Global Fat Bike Day is in the rearview mirror and I think that (for me personally) it was the best one (that I can remember). Over the past decade, I’ve traveled far and wide around the Great Lakes on GFBD. I’ve been to one of the largest group rides up in Two Rivers and attended one of the early celebrations in the Twin Cities. I’ve celebrated GFBD at Santa Rampage and partied with a few hundred jolly elves. I’ve even hosted a couple of Global Fat Bike Day singletrack celebrations myself, (and there was derby!) I’ve found that it’s not where that you celebrate GFBD, it’s much more who you get to celebrate with, that makes for the smurfiest #gfbd holiday memories. For me…This year’s GFBD celebration can be summed up with these lyrics from the song ‘everything I wanted’ by Billie Eilish

“I had a dream. I got everything that I wanted.”

Billie Eilish

I decided to go up to Levis to celebrate this year. I got to ride with a few of mi amigos (which is always nice!). There were about a dozen of us at the start. Steve shuttled beverages and snacks out to the party destination (out on Goatdance) in an ATV.

The Clarence Overlook

JP, Dustin, Luke, Leia, and I headed up Northface to the top of Levis Mound to start our roundabout tour that would eventually take us out to the fire at the Goatdance Overlook. Dustin guided us to some beautiful spots that I’d never been to at Levis before and we also visited the arch.

It was a great day on the bike and it just felt one hundred percent chill. We didn’t all ride as a group and even our smaller group split apart and then came back together and then split apart again. I think that everybody got to ride their ride without any judging. After the ride, I went to a new taqueria in Merrillan for some tasty Mexican food.

The day ended around a campfire with Dustin and JP (photo above). It must have been a good ride, because, in the middle of the night, both of my hamstrings cramped up. The next morning I went out on a solo ride at levis in the snow and rode my favorite loop. It made me think about riding there with my dear friend, Adam Blake so I called him on the way home and we talked about the next time that we’ll get to ride together. For me…the best part of GFBD is getting together with my “Bike Family” and having fun!

We hope you had a great day and enjoyed good cheer on #gfbd2021. If you’d like to see more photos of folks celebrating Global Fat Bike Day, surf your favorite social media platform for #gfbd2021 and you’ll see folks from around the globe having fun on their fat bikes! Global Fat Bike Day has taken on a life of its own now and I hope that it stays fun and free – para siempre amigos!

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