Fat (video) Tuesday – Levis Mound Fat Tire Fest

I can’t remember Rico, aka MTB Trail Sherpa from way back in the day, when riding with some of the locals at Rock Cut State Park but I bet he was there. We’ve got a bunch of friends in common and he attended the Levis Mound Fat Tire Festival last September. He recently told me that he’d made a video about the fest and that’s what we’ve got for you to enjoy today! I might even make a cameo appearance in this week’s selection.

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We have two entries into the Borealis Fat Bike Worlds! If you’d like to enter to get a chance to win, send an email to gomez@fat-bike.com with FBW Contest in the subject line and tell us why you should win. We’ll choose two entries at random on the next Danger Gnome Podcast in early January.

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