Dose of Fat – February 2022

Here are a few things happening in the world of Fat Bikes! It’s the end of February and Fat Bike Racing is set at the proverbial “eleven”! We just got a new fresh coating of snow and I’m looking forward to some sweet Wisconsin singletrack this weekend. I was looking at our event calendar and The Rat Bike Face in Glenwood Springs Colorado caught my attention. I love a good play on words. You get a fat bike race and a lift ticket to Sunlight Mountain Resort for fifty bucks. “Rat Bike Face”~(that’s some funny shit)

Rockgeist Spacelink

What do you do when someone invents a better mousetrap? Well, I go mouse hunting, or in this case, I got out the credit card and ordered one of these specially designed 1 1/8″ headset spacers that will hold the trio of bags that surround the steer tube on my fat bike. It’s called a Spacelink and it’s made by Rockgeist in Asheville NC. More on this after it arrives.

Snowball’s Chance

Deejay Birch runs a charity ride called the Snowball’s Chance in Hell in Port Jervis, New York. It looks like a real Hootenanny!

45NRTH Sturmfist Gloves

We received these sweet new Sturmfist Gloves from 45NRTH this week and I’ve already had a chance to give each of them a try in the temperature range that they’re made for. The ride that I did with the 5’s was in some real nasty freezing rain conditions and they performed admirably. It looks like I’ll be storing my pogies for the rest of the winter!

The Bear 100

I signed up for the 73-mile version of the Bear 100. It should be a good goal for me. I’ve done the shorter version of this race. It’s a total grassroots gravel event that supports the local volunteer fire and rescue squad in Laona, Wisconsin. I’ll probably ride my cutthroat. I think that will be the first race that the bike has ever entered. Although I doubt that I’ll be doing much racing by the end of that one.

GUP Foaming Sealant Inflator & Berryman Sealant

GUP seals tubes, tubeless, and has enough volume to inflate a 4″ fat bike tire to 5 psi. They sent us three canisters and they worked as advertised. The canister contains a foaming tire sealant that is injected through the valve without having to remove the valve core. The sealant is injected and the tire is inflated at the same time. I used the foaming sealant to seal a leak in a tube and to recharge the sealant in a tubeless tire. –

Tire sealant comes in a couple of different flavors in the bike industry. I went outside of what you can find at your local bike shop and went to the local farm supply store and scored a bottle of Berryman Tire sealant. I’m on my second bottle of Berryman sealant and so far, so good! Guess what? It’s less than half of the price of the stuff that they sell at the bike shop. –

LivBar Organic Superfood Bars

I’ve gnawed my way through a case of these LivBars over the past few months and I’ve yet to notice any superpowers from them. I thought that maybe because they were an organic superfood, ya’know…I might get superpowers, but when I think about it, riding a bike in single-digit temps on glare ice might be some mild and really fun kind of power that LivBar helped fuel. There are some good and interesting flavors. I like the Coffee Maple Cacao flavor the best. The consistency of the bar looks a little like birdseed which seems to make them edible at freezing temps. I’ve been keeping one of these tucked in the pocket of my feedbag for when I feel like I’m running out of gas and they do the trick. Check’m out –

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