Wallpaper Wednesday – Guidance Counselor(s)

This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday comes to us from Jeff Davis and it makes me wonder. Why can fat bikes ride on nordic ski trails west of the Missouri River yet are restricted from riding on most xc ski trails in the Great Lakes? #publicland

This week’s post also comes with a request for help with some gear recommendations for our man Jeff. He’s planning a 40k ride in Stanley, Idaho later this month and I was hoping you’d all be willing to offer some help regarding gear recommendations. The Stanley ride will be a bit longer and could be a bit colder than anything that Jeff has ridden so far. So any suggestions on gear that you might have would be appreciated! (pls comment below)

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  1. Hey Jeff! Nice bike. The most valuable piece of gear that I can recommend is a frame bag. I purchased a Blackburn bag 2 summers ago and have found that it is a great place to stash extra layers as well as all the snacks and drinks you will need for your adventure.
    Good luck with the ride and have a blast ????

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