What to get your Fat-Bike for Valentines’ Day ♥

Want to show your fat bike some love this winter? Here are our top-ten ideas for what you should get your Fat Bike for Valentines’ Day.

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If your fat bike is anything like my fat bike, Ten Beers, it could use a spa day. My bike is usually pretty filthy. It’s been a while since it was stripped of all of the bags and given a hot bath. Make an appointment with your favorite bike shop and spring for the works.

2) Lube. Nothing brings some spice to a drivetrain like a fresh bottle of Lube. I like Squirt Lube for the fat bike. Any fat bike would probably benefit from a fresh chain and a bottle of the good stuff (whatever that is)

3) If you’re super serious with your fat bike and you think that you want to build a relationship that might go the distance. There’s no better gift than bike jewelry. I’m thinking about a custom Jen Green Headbadge or something shiny from Paul Components.

4) A new designer purse. Who’s your favorite bag maker? Porcelain Rocket? Bike Bag Dude? Cedaero? I’m a big fan of Revelate Designs bags and pogies. Buy a frame bag for your fat bike and your fat bike will carry stuff for you on every ride.

5) A flask filled with something intoxicating. Do you drink Whiskey or is Tequilla more to your liking? Gnomes say that it’s bad luck to give someone an empty flask. Here’s how to fill a flask and never spill a drop.

6) Studded Rubber – It’s stud season, so maybe pop for a few hundred carbide-tipped tire studs or maybe even a pair of new studded tires!

7) Nice Rack! How about a bike rack for your trusty ole fatty? There’s the kind of rack that goes onto the front or back of your bicycle. There’s the kind of rack that goes on the back of your car that transports your bike to the trail. Either one is a pretty damn nice gift!

8) How about a custom top cap or some super sexy headset spacers? These cats will make a top cap that says ‘Something clever’ or rock a big orange heart if that’s what you and your bike are into.

9) Bicycle Vacation – Book a trip to the – Bentonville Bike Fest or the US Open Fat Bike Beach Championship in North Carolina. A trip to Alaska during the magical month of March is also highly recommended.

10) Or maybe just give your fat bike a long relaxing ride the next time that it snows. That’s probably the best gift of all.

Maybe we’ll change a Hallmark Holiday into a bike shop holiday if we all get our bikes something pretty for Valentines’ Day!

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