Dose of Fat – March ’22

The calendar says that it’s Spring but Winter isn’t over until the fat-bike sings. The Dose of Fat is back with a look at what’s going on in the test bunker and what our colleagues are working on out in the field. Stand by for Spring….wait for it….It’s snowing again….remember that gnomes control the weather…wait for it…

Zeal Pro Test

Our man JP is neck-deep in the field test of The ZEAL® Pro bike cover. If you travel through the sloppy winter weather with your bike on the back of your car, you know what can happen when it snows. This is a solution to that problem. The Zeal Pro even has an option for a light kit to keep things safe and legal. Look for a full review coming up soon. – More info – The ZEAL® Pro bike cover

March comes in like a gnome and out like a wood tick.

45NRTH Wolfgar Boots

The new 45NRTH Wolfgar Boots came in at the very tail end of Winter. We did get a couple of cold mornings in the teens, so I’ve gotten to experience what these arctic ride boots bring to the table. Earlier this winter, I tested a pair of Neos overboots that raised the bar for warm feet but they literally had too large of a footprint for RaceFace Chester pedals. These boots appear to bring that type of warmth to a boot that fits much better on normal platform pedals. There’ll be much more to come next season about the Wolfgar – Check’m out –

Wren Handlebar Sale

Our amigos at Wren Sports just put all of their no-nonsense carbon handlebars on sale for a hundred bucks. I’ve been riding one for a few seasons now. Here’s our review of the Wren Bar & Stem –

Check’m out at –

Fumpa Pumps – Lithium-powered rechargeable pumps

Fumpa Pumps introduced a new range of USB Type-C rechargeable miniature electric pumps and pressure gauges. The new pumps are designed and engineered for cyclists. I haven’t actually tried one yet, but as soon as we get our hands on one we’ll let you know how they perform. For more info –

Bluerub Chamois Cream and Skin Lubricant

I have two friends that people call ‘the Mayor’. One of them came into the shop looking for a particular brand of grundle butter called Bluerub. I’d never heard of it before, but low and behold, there it was on one of our shelves. I figured, if it’s good enough for the Mayor, I should give Bluerub a try. It’s a thick creamy ointment that seems to disappear post application. So far this experiment is going pretty well. Spring means that the length of all of our rides will be on the increase. I’m about halfway through my first tube of Bluerub. I like the way that the tube slides right into a pocket of my boot bag when I travel. Check out for more information.

Saris’s New MHS Hitch-Rack Test

Our primo Byrone is field-testing the brand spanking new Saris MHS hitch rack. I’m pretty sure that the MHS stands for ‘Modular Hitch Base’. Byrone is putting the new rack through its paces and he’ll post a full report sometime later this Spring.

For more information about the new Saris MHS visit –

Positive Vibrations

Hi!  This is my buddy Cliff, a three-time cancer survivor, on a beach ride we did on the south shore of Staten Island NY in January 2022. The south shore is a mix of rocks, flotsam, jetsam, and wildlife.  Shortly after snapping this pic, we observed two seals on some rocks just offshore. Pretty cool for waters close to NYC!  This pic seems to represent the horizon of possibilities available to people who face grey skies and yet overcome them in the end. To beat his adversary, he kept biking through it all and remains an inspiration to all of us.-Greg M (New Jersey)

That’s the Dose of Fat for this Month. If you’d like to spread some positive vibrations or just reach out and say hi, drop us a line at with Dose of Fat in the subject line. – ¡Felices Caminos Amigos!

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