Fat (video) Tuesday – Fat & Free (ride)

Shawn Querry sent us a video that he and a friend put together. Shawn works at a bike shop and juggles college along with shredding the gnar. Shawn is smooth like gnome-butter on a freeride track with big booters. Enjoy dem fat tuesday freeride funskis!


We triple-gnome dare you to email us a photo or video of your majestic (Klunker, Plus, Gravel, Fat) Bicycle with the who, what, when, and where explained, and the next thing you know, you might be part of this two-wheeled circus we call home. If you send us an address along with your bike pixels you’ll be rewarded with stickers n’stuff. Send your email to gomez@fat-bike.com with gnomes as the subject. You really should talk to our friend Ernesto about gnomes. He’s who we all turn to when we need a true gnome expert.

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Just an old cat that rides bikes, herds pixels, ropes gnomes and sometimes writes stories. I love a good story.

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