Wallpaper Wednesday – The Return of the Snake

Jake the Snake is back with a Wallpaper Wednesday for fans of Corvus Cycles and Hed Wheels. The snake even captured the sparkling Aurora Borealis effects on the Onyx Racing Hubs! Here’s what he shared along with his photos.

Jake the Snake here. I think it’s time for another one of my bikes on wallpaper Wednesday. You haven’t featured 10 Beers curly bared cousin Frankie’s Bitch (AKA Frankenstein’s Bride) on WW yet. I just picked up a set of the HED, Onyx, Berd ultimate made in Minnesota wheelsets. They are Gucci AF! They don’t get any sweeter!

Mark ‘Jake the Snake’ Jacobson

We have to agree about those Made in MN Wheels. They ride as good as they look!

What’s in Your Wallet?

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