Dose of Fat April 2020

It’s April and the transition from Winter to Spring shook me to the bone with what I like to call Prescription-Strength weather. My bike rides provided a front-row seat to the epic battles between the seasons until I high-tailed it to Sunny California for Sea Otter. I came back to Wisconsin and Winter continued to challenge Spring with wet snow, sleet, snain, ice-pellets, and cold blustery winds. By next month’s Dose of Fat, we might have something that resembles a more spring-like ride environment. Until then let’s take a look at what’s going on in the wild world of Fat, Plus, Klunk, Singlespeed, and All-Terrain Bikes #atb #mtb #mtv – oh, and glamping.


the Fat Fish Forty in 2021 – photo by gomez

Here’s a portion of the notice that Greg Gentle brought to my attention yesterday – ‘Burnett County, the Village of Webster, Wisconsin, and all of the stakeholders are grateful for the investment everyone has made in making the Fat Fish Forty race and the associated festivities part of their annual calendar. This year the challenge of hosting the race is simply too great.’ We hope to see this Spring Classic return in 2023.

There are places where it still looks very much like Winter – Gothic in Crested Butte
Photo by Andrew Meyer

Field Test Previews

Rocky Mountain – Blizzard Carbon 50

Fresh squeezed watermelon candy from Rocky Mountain. This size Medium Blizzard Carbon 50 just arrived for field testing. We’re getting the build dialed and ready for fat bike fun! Who wants to give it a spin? Check out the long view –

Planet Bikes 1500 Lumen Dual Blaze & Shiner 70

Planet Bike packs a whole lotta lumen into a pint-sized package with their new Dual Blaze 1500 USB rechargeable light. One of our test pilots will get to enjoy some gnite gnome hunts with this lightsabre and we’ll publish their exploits later this summer. I’m a big believer in blinky lights. If my route involves sharing the road with cars, I make sure to run a set of blinkies. The new Planet Bike Shiner 70 blinkies are thin and they’re super bright. Get more info at –

Yakima EXO Camp Kitchen

This Spring, Yakima will launch the EXO Open Range Camp Kitchen, the brand’s first debut in the outdoor kitchen space. The kitchen set packs into a single box and can mount onto the brand’s signature EXO modular hitch-mounted organization system. EXO OpenRange organizes and stows your camp kitchen gear in an all-in-one system, simplifying your effort so it’s always ready to grab and go. EXO OpenRange comes in two formats: a base system and a Deluxe system; the latter simply comes equipped with all of the Open Range accessories, including legs, a two-burner CookOut stove, and side tables. The rugged OpenRange is built upon a rugged, US-made, roto-molded and road-worthy box that seamlessly attaches and locks (locks included) to the EXO System, for smooth transport to your campsite, trailhead, or a ball game. The one and only Adam Blake will be running the EXO Open Range through its paces and hopefully making us some tacos along the way!

Are you ready for beach season? Lee Negrelli sent us this shot of his fatty along the shores of Lake Erie. Is your fatty ready for beach season? My beach bike still has a studded tire up front.

Ringle MTB Trail Tree Planting – May 4th, 2020

One of our cool new trail systems in Central Sconny is having a tree planting party and you’re all invited!

The Greater Wausau Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce is hosting a volunteer opportunity to plant 800-1000 native seedling trees to reduce erosion along the Oscar Trail at the Ringle Mountain Bike Trails. They are currently looking for 30-50 volunteers who are willing to help us make a difference in the community. Lunch will be provided following the event. The rain date will be Thursday, May 5th from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. They’re partnering with CWOCC for this project, a local 501c3, and donations are tax-deductible. All donations exceeding project expenses will be donated by our group to CWOCC-Central Wisconsin Offroad Cycling Coalition for future trail development. 


We mailed stickers out to Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Colorado, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Arizona, Western Australia, and Sweden this week to folks that sent us photos of their fat bikes frolicking in the great outdoors. We’ve made somewhat of a habit of giving away stickers to our readers so why not send us a picture of where you’ve stuck those stickers to receive one of our newest designs? Send those sticky pixels to gomez with “sticker” in the subject line and include a mailing address so the gnomes down in the mailroom know where to send your stickers. You could even pay it forward and send stickers to your cousin. There are a few of these holo-loonmander stickers left and we’ve got a new design in the works as well. (Devo Power Dome not included)

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