Dose of Fat – May 2022

Is everybody ready for Summer? Unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, Summer is here starting this weekend! There are a ton of things going on as far as field test updates from the Colonel Steve Austin underground test bunker get ready to receive your Dose of Fat for the Month of May 2022!

May might be Mullet Month

Two of our demo bikes in the current ride rotation are set up with Mullets. That Framed Montana is set up with a 27.5 Summer Sport Mullet – 70mm wide rim in the rear and a 50mm rim in the front. The Rocky Mountain is rock’n the 27.5 mini-mullet 80mm wide rear rim and a 70mm wide front. As far as tires go, they’re wearing a couple of Maxxis FBRs, a Vee Tire Snow Ball, and a Bontrager Hodag all of which are in the (just shy of) four-inch wide twenty-seven point five tire range. I’m exploring options to answer the question, “what modifications do you make to your fat bike for summer”? I’ll be asking our test crew that question and I expect some really ‘interesting’ information will come out of it. If you’d like to share your answer to the question, just leave it in the comments or email me your thoughts. You may even end up as a guest on the next Danger Gnome Podcast!

Singlespeed USA – Iowa – Registration

Registration is open for Singlespeed USA Iowa and they made that announcement with a picture of a gnome’s ass. Decorah is the place to be in late August. Here’s the link to the BikeReg page –

Field Test Update

Rocky Mountain Blizzard Carbon 50

I’ve had a chance to take a half dozen rides on the Blizzard. After the first check-out ride, I switched to four-inch tires and every time that I ride this bike, Strava tells me that this machine is faster than every other bicycle that I’ve ridden on segments that I ride all the time. You just can’t ignore that kind of data. Last weekend, up at Levis, I started to really mesh with the Blizzard. At one point, I just had to stop and say to Adam, “holy fuck” because of how incredibly awesome this bike felt on one of my favorite trails. Our review of the Blizzard will publish in late June, but if things keep going the way that they have, I predict high scores.

Fumpa Bike Pump

Back in March, we mentioned that we’d be giving one of these small rechargeable pumps a try. The Fumpa pump did fill tires at a nice rapid pace, but the battery would not hold a charge for even 24 hours. It worked on a fresh battery charge, but if you tried to use it a day or two after, the unit was dead. It’s a pretty rare occurrence when we reject a product but this little pump got returned to Fumpa. Maybe they’ll fix the issue and come out with another updated version. I would not recommend this pump to my friends or family.

Bentonville Bike Fest – June 17-19

The  Bentonville Bike Fest is June 17-19, ’22 down in what they’re calling the Mountain Bike Capital of the World, aka Bentonville, Arkansas.

Here are a few Bike Fest highlights: 

·       The Gran Fondo: a 67-mile gravel tour through the Ozarks 

·       An explosive Enduro race on the “Slaughter Pen” trails, complete with kids race 

·       World Record Attempt to break the current “Highest Upward Jump on a Bicycle” 

·       Women Who Shred rides and workshops for lady riders 

·       An all-out sprint time trial on the All American MTB trail, with $3000 prize purse  

Tick Season

It’s tick season here in America’s Dairyland and apparently in Pennsylvania as well. The Center for Disease has a whole page of helpful information about how to prevent tick bites and how to handle the situation if you get bit. Check it out at –

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