Endura Humvee Flat Pedal Shoe Review

Endura has established itself in the MTB apparel arena and has become a staple for riders that embrace baggy shorts. I’ve worn a pair of 3/4 length Endura Humvee manpree pants that might be twenty years old. This spring, while walking the aisles at Sea Otter, I spied a pair of shoes I just HAD to have. The Humvee Flat Pedal Shoe in Pebble immediately made me think of Ferris Buehler. Ferris wears a pair of shoes in the movie that looks similar…and who doesn’t love Ferris Buehler?

I ordered a pair from the Endura web store and they arrived just as you see them above. The shoes come with two sets of laces – mild and wild. I chose the pre-laced mild set out of laziness. The Humvees are festooned with Endura logos and tasteful orange accents. The Humvees feature an elastic lace retention band that seems a little flimsy, but seems to be doing the job.

Endura Humvee Manprees paired with Humvee Flat Pedal Shoes

The Sticky Foot rubber sole of these shoes makes them feel similar to the kind of grip that you would expect in a shoe made to ride flat pedals. My experience with this kind of ride shoe has been with five-ten ride shoes before Addidas bought them.

I did side-by-side testing with my old five-tens and the stickiness of the rubber was equal. Where the Humvees differed was in the stiffness or stability of the sole. Endura designed the flex of the sole to balance comfort with on-bike performance. My metatarsal bones liked the feel of the Humvees better than the five-tens. Both pairs of shoes were equally available to me during the test period and I never went back to the five-tens. That says a lot about how well these shoes faired during field testing. Clearly, I prefer the new Humvees.

I know that these shoes won’t stay as clean and nice as these were when they were new, but I think they still look nice enough to sing a Beatles song on a parade float. I’ve worn my new mountain bike shoes out to dinner on multiple occasions. From Singletrack to classic Wisconsin Supper Clubs the Endura Humvee Flat Pedal Shoes have been worth every penny ($120 USD). I’d recommend these to amigos and I’d even buy another pair when these things ultimately wear out. #saveferris

The Endura Humvee Flat Pedal Shoes earn 4.8 out of 5 gnomes
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