Gore Trail KPR Gloves

Lovely Glovely

I’ve been using these gloves for a few weeks now, both on the fat bike and on the commuter gravel bike.

The Gore Trail KPR gloves are designed to be a robust but lightweight summer glove. Gore says that “Trail gloves have multiple needs: they should be lightweight, offer grip and tactility while also protect from tears and abrasion; they should avoid pinching, rubbing, and blisters. That is why we built the gloves with a seamless palm and rugged CORDURA® fabric, to strike that balance.”

Firstly, they are lightweight as they weigh in just under the 30 grams mark. With the gloves being so light, the feel on the bars is great as it feels so natural. As the material is so thin it feels like you’re not actually wearing gloves!

In order to reduce sweaty hands, there are small vented sections between the sides of each finger. This has worked very well during warmer days on the saddle.

The gloves use a Cordura fabric and a seamless, reinforced palm made that is made of an 80/20% mix of polyester and polyurethane. I really like the elastic feel cuff on these gloves as it is cut off at the wrist. Therefore there is no material snaking a couple of inches onto the forearm as it is simply unnecessary.

Phone happy gloves

The fingertips of the thumb and forefinger have sensitive material which allows you to control your touchscreen devices with your gloves on. This has been a good addition for me as I love getting my phone out for taking pics out on the trail.

Gore is also happy to say that the material of the gloves will protect from tears and abrasions. On a recent ride we rode through some thick woodland and with branches hitting my hands constantly I’m happy to report they survived!

Overall the Gore Trail KPR gloves are super comfy! The l look and feel great!

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Rated 5 Welsh dragons!


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