The Dose of Fat – Summer 2022

The first ride on the Corvus Cycles – Crow Pass

It’s Summer cats and kitties! Have you ridden your bike to a large body of water and then gone swimming? I rather think that it’s high-time to do a cannonball into the deep end! I’ve been riding out to Rock Lake for dips now and then. I still think that it’s a real positive quality of life indicator when ya get to swim in a lake, river, or ocean. That’s my goal this summer… to Go jump in the lake as often as I can. If you ever think that you see me out on the trail, feel free to yell, go jump in the lake! as a reminder.

Now for what we’re working on during the summer. Our pack of product testers is out in the field, working their magic weaving words and pixels together as we do hereabouts. We’ve got some really interesting projects in the pipeline.

Testing 1-2

Lezyne Dual Insert Kit – Tony Grande has been doing mock-emergency trailside repair scenarios. The Lezyne Dual Insert Kit is some real-life bicycle-ninja repair-tech that’s hidden inside of your handlebars. We look forward to sharing a full report straigh outta the Des Plaines river valley!

Corvus Cycles Crow Pass – Fresh out of the box and ready to handle anything! We get to try the new Corvus Crow Pass Adventure-Bike! Look for a full rport coming up next month!

Fezzari Kings Peak – Testing continues with the Kings Peak from Fezzari. I’m taking this bike loaded up for an overnight next week and pre-riding the Summer Squatch bikepacking route the next week. The review should happen soon after!

Smith Sunglasses – Julio is ready to tell you everything that you ever wondered about the newest shades from Smith (Top – Bobcat. Btm – Resolve). Protect your retinas at all times hombres!

Burley Bark Ranger XL Trailer – This is our newest Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilot, Kujo. We’re working on translating his review from dog to gnomese and then to English. Look for a full report in the coming weeks.

Gorewear Trail Collection – Jeff Price and have been field testing the new Trail Collection from Gorewear. Look for a couple of articles about gloves, shorts and blouses in the upcoming dog days of summah-summah-summer!

Endura Humvee Platform Pedal Shoes ~gomez~ must have lost his shoes agian but here’s a picture of some Endura Pro SL Primaloft Socks that just came in for testing. The Humvee Shoes are getting a serious workout and I’ve even gotten some pretty swank fotos to share in the rock opera that I writing about them later this month. You’ll have to wait untill winter to read what we think of the primaloft silk socks.

Nuclear Sunrise Stichworks Top Tube Bag – The bolt-on top tube bage era is here and I’ve been rock’n this little beauty for the last little bit. It comes with a whistle.

State Bicycle Wedge Bag – This bag has been orphaned. I took it in and have been looking for the right bike to give this thing a try. If you thiink that you’d like to write a review and take a bunch of cool pictures of it (and your bike) to be published here at the old fat dash bike dot com, three ring circus, emal and sing me a few stanzas of your rock opera. Maybe we can work something out!

Fun Events

SSUSA – Iowa

Registration is open for Singlespeed USA Iowa. Decorah is the place to be in late August. It’s on August 20th, which just happens to be my birthday! Here’s the link to the BikeReg page –

Summer Squatch – Levis Mound

The Summer Squatch is back! With DNA from former events like Pedro’s Fest, Gnome Fest, and Levis Mound Fest with a ride-centric attitude this time.

Camping Fri, Saturday & Sunday nights at the trailhead or remote sites.
-Meet and Greet at Sand Creek Brewery Friday night!
-Night Rides
-Guided tours & group rides
-Bikepack overnight to Wildcat Mound
-Beer pool

$50.00 per person pre-registered entry. fee-proceeds to the Levis Mound Trail fund.
Day of, on-site registration $70

Register Here –

Event FB Page –

The closing argument

The summer of twenty-two is playing full blast through the speakers in my head. Humans are a curious species of primate. I’m often surprised at what will set readers off out there on the interweb. A tiny Bluetooth speaker seemed to invoke some strong emotions from folks on Instagram. There were lots of swear words posted in the comments. I think that in the grand scheme of things, there are probably more important things to get upset about compared to playing music on a bike (or not). I also think that we might start to think about changing two colloquial phrases to ‘uncommon sense’ and ‘uncommon courtesy’ because they’re both getting pretty rare these days. Common sense and common courtesy are still practiced here at the fat dash bike dot com home for the cycling insane and I know that we’re probably not alone. So please…Go jump in the lake!

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