Fat (Video) Tuesday – Formby Fatbikers

Graham Foot is back with the second video from the UK where fat bikers are gathering for fun with fat bikes! We love that sort of thing, so we made this our FvT to celebrate fat bike fun! That’s two videos from the UK back to back. Maybe this is UK week here at the fat dash bike dot com. I wish we had fun fat bike group rides here in the colonies.

Sticker it Forward

How do you like the new sticker and jersey design?

If you’d like some stickers for you…your ride buddies…or maybe the gnome groomer with the best fade at the local barber shop… send us a video of your local fat-bike playground and an address so the gnomes down in the mailroom can jet them, babies, to the post office. My email is gomez@fat-bike.com. Put Shreddy Yeti in the subject line and stay tuned for some sort of group jersey order like we did last year. ¡Las bicis Gordas, para ti!

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