State Bicycle Co. Saddle Bag Review by Thumbelena

State Bicycle Co Saddle Bag

Established in 2009 and commonly known for their bicycles with a price tag that’s easier on your wallet, State has ventured into the world of storage receptacles, aka bags. Previously, they have done collaborations with companies like Road Runner, but now they have a line all their own. There are a few bags in the lineup, but the saddle bag sparked my interest. 

Technical Bits

  • Capacity: 0.7L
  • Material: Cordura
  • Dimensions: 15cm(w) x 5.5cm(h) x 8cm(d) 
  • Color: Black, Olive, Tan
  • Price: $29.99 USD 

Field Testing

Like many saddle bags, it uses a single strap that is looped through one rail, through the top of the bag, through the other rail, then around the bottom of the bag where it meets the beginning of the strap and uses a buckle to double back on itself and finally secures via velcro. It’s a tried-and-true design that works great. State went a step further and made three slots for the strap to go through the bag for a little more versatility. 

While the middle does seem easiest to get a super secure fit in the middle slot all three can be made secure with a bit of adjusting, and the upper and lower slots have added benefits that the middle lacks. The top slot offers space for using a low-profile fender(the kind that goes through the saddle rails). The lower provides more space on the seat post. Maybe better visibility for a taillight if you don’t have much seat post to work with.  

Along the bottom of the bag where it takes the most abuse from splattering debris is an added layer of waterproof material to really keep your items safe from the elements.

Once open the bag offers one main cavern to store up to .7L of whatever items you deem important. I deemed my trailside repair kit which includes: tube, two CO2, CO2 inflator head, plug kit, valve core remover, spare valve core, spare master link, tire levers, pretty burly multi-tool – bottle opener included (gotta stay hydrated), and spare AXS battery. Everything fit as if the bag was designed for it!

PS: I don’t have AXS on my fat bike, yet (heheh) but I use this kit across all my bikes and a girl can dream!

Yayy!! Or Nayy…

The saddle bag is a compact, competitively priced seat pack that holds whatcha need and sits securely. I will say some stretchy bands sewn to the inner sides or sectioned-off areas would be nice to keep things more organized. I found that if you didn’t position everything just so or it wasn’t completely full you would get the loathed rattle. Overall though, I think State did a good job with capacity, durability, and color options. 

They also have a risk-free purchase program. This means, that if the item doesn’t work out, they will exchange it at no cost to you. I’d give the bag a solid 4/5 rating and would recommend you give it a shot if you’re looking for a convenient yet out-of-the-way place to store your ride essentials.  Yayy!!

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