ABUS MoDrop Helmet

I’ve been using the ABUS Modrop helmet for about 3 months now and here’s my take on it.

Firstly, I think this helmet looks pretty cool and with that it does keep you cool with the 14 vents dotted around the wonderfully manufactured lid.

The front 3 vents feature a protective netting so as to keep them pesky bugs out.

The visor can be adjusted to 3 different positions so your goggles can stay up there with no issues.

The helmet has a neat ratchet system for them finer adjustments and ABUS states that it’s also ponytail friendly! Inside, the helmet features a MIPS Evolve Core liner for rotational impact protection, so you know you’ve got a great level of protection if you hit the deck.The liner has padding attached along the brow, and thinner pads running along the top. All three liner pieces are removable for washing or replacement whenever you need.

The 15mm-wide straps run through a fancy Y-shaped ABUS connector that attaches to the chin straps. A basic plastic buckle at the chin connects everything together and it does feel very comfy and sturdy. My size large weighs a fine 390g.

A ‘smart’ helmet

What makes this helmet stand out from the crowd is the QUIN crash sensor that is a tiny Bluetooth addition that is inserted into the rear of the helmet.

After downloading the ‘Quin for ABUS’ app, the helmet is ‘woken up’ by picking up your helmet before each ride. You can add you emergency contacts to the app and if the helmet detects a crash or if you tap the helmet 4 times, a notification is sent to your emergency list. It is charged by simply connecting a USB to the QUIN chip. My only negative comment would be that the QUIN sensor does protrude out of the helmet a little and the small rubber USB cap doesn’t fill me confidence as protection from the elements.

The Abus app can also do other things like track your rides along with other options if you subscribe to their offerings.

All in all, this is a great-looking helmet in a fine matt black finish (other colour options are available). Gives you confidence of head protection which obviously the main reason for choosing a helmet. Extremely clever technology is used with the QUIN chip.

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5/5 Welsh Dragon Award

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